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From: joe joe
Subject: EB Park Ranger part 1I had walked this trail a hundred times but I'd never seen that flash of
silver before. There it was again, way off young fisters club in the eucalyptus trees on the
ridge by the road. What was that? I'm a Park Ranger here in the East Bay
Parks system and following sexy young lesbians
up on the unusual is just the sort of thing I am
responsible for. Most likely, though, it will turn out to be nothing, some
scrap of plastic or a glass bottle catching the bright sunlight just so. Had
to check it out though, because fire is a real danger in these hills and you
never know...
As I came closer to where I thought I'd seen the flash, I heard a voice.
Faintly, and I couldn't make out what was said, but it was definately a
person's voice. I approached more quietly then -- kids sometimes fooled
around in the parks with fire, either smoking pilfered cigarettes or just
lighting stuff on fire to watch it burn. I'd done it myself as a boy, but
around here the end-of-Summer hills were a firestorm waiting to happen and
flicking matches or butts around was no joke. There was the flash again, and
the sound, but the light was not that of a flame, but more silvery,
reflected light. The nu young teens sound was a male voice, but not a boy's and not really
a word, more like a groan or a...moan. Now I was intrigued. Looking back, I
think that I must have sensed somehow what I was about to stumble upon
because I was inexplicably excited and even a little aroused. What the hell
was going on here? I knew these woods well and to avoid crashing through the
underbrush and fairly announcing my arrival, I circled around a way that I
knew was clearer and less noisy. I wanted to get a good look at whatever was
going on before I made my presence known. I heard more sounds -- young underwear scuffling
of leaves and more moans, a grunt. I could also now make out some movement,
unclear as to what, but definately something moving and rhythmically.
Probably some horny teen jerking off in the only private place he could
think of. I'd done a good bit of that too as a boy and I knew how bad I
needed relief and how hard it was to find a spot to be alone. I should leave
the poor kid alone to get his nut off, but...I just had to see for sure what
was going on. And I had to admit that the thought of seeing some kid with
his pants around his ankles and his fist flying on his straining dick, well,
I had to admit that my own cock was stirring and I knew that whatever I
found beneath those trees, I'd be out young nude message here jerking off too.
I was close now and could clearly see what was moving out here in the woods
and it wasn't anybody wanking on his meat. No, what I saw moving was an ass.
A nice, brown, man's ass and he was obviously enjoying fucking the woman
beneath him. A tree branch blocked my view so that I couldn't see her from
where I was, but the dude sure was a beautiful one, so I was sure that she
must have been a babe too. I had to see more. I quietly moved closer,
expecting them to hear me at any second and look up, but youngporn russian
they were so into
what they were doing that a tree falling wouldn't have been noticed. I had
my head down, watching my feet so that I wouldn't snap a twig and give
myself away, and when I finally looked up they were both fully in my sight.
The guy nudist young boys was still fucking away, only...whoa! It wasn't a pussy he was
jamming that fat cock into, but a mouth, a guy's mouth! This white guy is
laying on the ground under him and taking his huge, hard cock deep into his
mouth, practically swallowing that long dick. I noticed now that as the top
guy slid his saliva-shiny hard-on into his buddy's mouth, his head was
bobbing up and down on the buddy's cock, too. My head spun for a moment as I
took it in: the first time I ever saw anyone having sex in these hills and
it turns out to be two guys, one black, one white, sucking cock in a hot 69.
Now, I like pussy. I like licking pussy, pussy porn, I like tits and I love
a woman's sweet ass, but stumbling on these two hot, horny buddies passing
an afternoon in the sunny hills sucking each other had my cock so
hard and straining against the crotch of my uniform that I really needed to
pull that thing out and jerk it off right then. And I would have, but...
they'd hear me. I was close enough to guarantee that if I moved around as
much as it would take to get myself out of my pants, all the rustling of my
nylon Ranger's jacket would definately give me away. It wouldn't be right
for these two horny hikers to look up and see a Park Ranger in uniform
standing there masturbating. I wasn't so deep in a lust-daze that I didn't
know that my duty was probably to bust these guys for indescent exposure,
lewd acts, whatever. I mean I'm not a cop, but I do have jurisdiction over
the parkland and surely there was some rule xxx young moves against giving your hiking sexy young nymphs
a blow job in broad daylight. I mean, what if some kids saw this? They could
be damaged or something. But, kids weren't seeing it. I was, and I was
getting damned hot about it. Not hot as in mad. Well, kinda mad but more,
like hot-horny. I had to do something, but I was truly stunned, youngporn russian pole-axed,
and hard as a fence pole. I managed to get my hand to my crotch without
drawing attention from the writhing couple in front of me, who were now
reaching exploratory fingers along each others butt-cracks. The black dude
was starting to get right in there and when the white guy moaned his
approval, I saw him pull his mouth of his buddy's cock to generously wet his
finger. With his other hand, he pulled the pale cheeks of his friend's ass
apart and slid his slippery finger towards the target. Just his thick
fingertip slid in as I watched him go back down on his buddy's cock. The
white dude was obviously happy with young naturist girls
this new arrangement and seemed to want
more as he squirmed his ass around and tried valiantly to get more hard cock
into his mouth, more wet finger into his tight ass. He came up for air then
for a moment, moaned, 'Aww yeah', and kept up the pace on that thick meat,
jerking his buddy's cock as it hung over his face, looking like there were
nowhere he'd rather be than under this hung black hunk, licking the precum
from his hard prick and taking his finger up his ass. With the hand that
wasn't wrapped around one of the most beautiful cocks I'd ever seen, he dug
a little deeper in his Buddy's ass-crack too, and I could see that one of
his fingers was young nude message
spit-slicked and sliding into a tight clenched hole. His
buddy's mouth, sliding up and young boy bulge down his stiff dick was really getting to him
now and I could see bondage young sex
that he was trying to grind up onto his friend's finger,
now up to the knuckle in his squirming ass. 'Fuck. More,' he uttered, then
reached hungrily up with his open lips to engulf the big cock twitching
above him. They kept at it like this, each with a cock in his mouth and a
finger fucking in and out of his asshole for I don't know how long. I lost
track, I nearly lost my mind I was so hot standing there rubbing my cock
through the fabric of my uniform and young nude asians breathing hard. Like I said, I'm not
gay, bi maybe, but nothing had ever gotten me as hot as this scene. I felt a
little crazed, a level of arousal that was desperate almost. I had to do
something, and as I watched them suck each other closer and closer to
climax, a crazy sort of plan began to form in my sex-seized brain. Before I
even began to think it through, I quit rubbing myself and said,
To say that these two guys were surprised would be laughable. They both
literally choked on each other's cocks and in a second were sitting up and
looking for their pants in panic. Their clothes were tangled on the ground a
few feet in my direction from the blanket on which they sat. On impulse, I
took advantage of this lucky arrangement and stepped forward, planting my
boots atop the pile of shirts and pants. They looked up at me, still seated
and speechless, but with looks of utter humiliation on their faces. I nearly
gave in then and simply told them to get dressed and get out, but what I had
in mind would eventually satisfy all of us, and I knew I could make it work.
'I won't bother to ask you what's going on here, cause I got a pretty good
look,' I began,' but before I take the two of you in, I would like to ask
one question.'
They looked up at me, helpless and silent, waiting.
'Have you homos been sucking cock up here regularly and I just missed you,
or do you make the rounds of all the parks around here?'
'Please sir,' the white guy stammered, 'we never...I mean oh shit, this will
ruin me. I'm a married man, we both are, and we never did this before, we
just...' He turned toward his buddy for help. I noticed that both of their
boners had faded quickly, but not entirely, and I was sad to see them go,
but if this worked out the way I hoped, they'd soon be back, stiffer than
'We're young naturist girls not hurting anyone,' his buddy went on, 'Please don't take us in. Let
us go and you'll never see us again, I swear. Maybe we could do some trail
work or something around the park on weekends?'
I wasn't ready to let down the act yet.
'Yeah, well, I don't really remember what the community service sentence is
for cock sucking in a regional park is,' I sneered, 'Of course there'd be
extra time for finger fucking' I added.
I thought I saw a tiny smile play on the lips of the black guy, but his
buddy pleaded,
'Come on, guy, have a heart, don't you know what it's like to be hard up for
something? We're just regular guys trying to get off like everyone else, we
just can't do this at home, y'know?'
'I'm not gonna lose my job just because young nudist pageants
you two fags are too cheap to get a
room,' I responded, 'Come on boys, let's go. Put on your pants, my trucks
just over the hill.' I commanded
The black dude rose to his knees, but no higher, and asked, 'Isn't there
anything that we can do to make this better?' He turned to his buddy,' bondage young sex I
think the ranger does know what it's like to be hard up, Joe. In fact I
think he's a little hard up right now, don't you?'
Joe's eyes darted down to my crotch where a nude teenie young sizeable bulge still showed with
a little wet spot near the top where my straining erection must have leaked
a drop or two. He smiled a little too, and as he turned to his buddy, I saw
both of their cocks twitch slightly skyward.
'You might be right, Phil, maybe the ranger likes observing nature taking
its course, and gets excited when he encounters it in all its glory. But
Phil, we broke the park rules and deserved to be punished.' He turned to me
and for the first time, looked me right in the eyes, 'How will you have to
punish us for getting you into this uncomfortable... um, position, Mister
'I'll have to decide that, won't I?' I stalled, momentarily flummoxed now
that things were actually going as I'd hoped. 'And while I do, I want the
both young little illegal of you to go back to exactly what you were doing when I approached, so
that I can determine what is called for.'
All three of of smirked slightly at that, but the boys quickly reassembled
themselves into their 69 and in moments were slurping away at each other's
growing hard-ons as if I wasn't even there. These two buddies must have
really been into each other because they didn't seem to even noticed as I
shucked off my uniform and dropped to my knees next to them. All pretense of
our punishment-play was forgotten for a moment as I let my hands wander all
over the two hot men sucking cock before me. I felt their backs and heaving
chests, felt where their stiff cocks met soft sucking lips, felt their
balls, holding them in my hand and helping out with a few strokes on their
cocks. My head spun as I fingered their assholes and slid a finger in both
of them at once. They moaned as one. I nearly spunked right then. I had to
snap out of it youngest sex toplist and make this last.
'Okay then. I will consider pretending that this violation never occurred,'
I announced as I slid my fingers deeper into their clenching assholes, 'Only
after I have performed my duty as a park ranger representing the East Bay
Regional Park system and fucked bondage young sex both of these holes as thoroughly as I am
'Who's first?' I added.To be continued...
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